Animal Welfare Society Board Members Charged with Animal Cruelty

Columbia, MD: According to CBS Baltimore, two board members who oversaw operations at the nonprofit Animal Welfare Society in Columbia have been charged with 50 counts of animal cruelty each after 165 animals were found to be living in poor conditions in May. Scott Pascucci and Julie Mazurkiewicz, were charged with failing to provide veterinarian care to the animals, fostering […]

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High Court Declares All Animals in Haryana to Be ‘Legal Persons’

Punjab and Haryana, India: According to a report in The Indian Express, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has accorded the status of “legal person or entity” to animals in Haryana, granting them the “corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a living person.”…Delivering the verdict, Justice Rajiv Sharma stated that animals “should be healthy, comfortable, well nourished, safe, able to […]

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British Government Sets out Legislation to Increase Maximum Sentences for Animal Cruelty

London, United Kingdom: The UK Government reports that Environment Secretary Michael Gove has announced a new bill to enable tougher prison sentences for animal abusers. The bill was introduced to Parliament on June 26, 2019. The Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill means that animal abusers could face up to five years in prison, a significant increase from the current maximum sentence […]

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