Cats Left Alone for 16 Days When Pet Sitter Failed to Show Up

London, ON: CBC reports that two cats were left alone for 16 days while their owner was on vacation because the pet sitter she had booked did not visit even once. Owner Danielle Green did not have access to her phone while traveling and was shocked to find out on her return that “no one had attended to her cats, Louis and Nemo, the entire time she was gone.” She had met the pet sitter prior to leaving, gone over the instructions, exchanged keys etc. According to the report, the owner of the company hired by Green to look after the cats issued an apology, offered to pay for the cats to visit a veterinarian, referenced a breakdown in communication, and fired the pet sitter in question.

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Susan Nilson began her career with Reuters in London, England, and has over 15 years’ editorial experience in print and digital publications across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She is currently managing editor of BARKS from the Guild. She is also a companion animal behavior consultant and trainer (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) and an accredited professional canine behavior consultant (Pet Professional Accreditation Board).

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