Pet Sitter Seen on Camera Throwing Puppy on Floor

Victorville, CA: ABC7 reports that a pet sitter hired through the app Rover has been caught on camera slamming a puppy onto the floor. Fortunately, the puppy was found to have sustained no serious physical injuries. “It’s heartbreaking because the reason we use a pet sitter is because we love our pet and we don’t want to leave her unattended for very long because she is a baby,” said puppy Lucy’s owner, Amanda Roy. “So we trusted someone to come into our home and look after a pet that we consider a family member.” Rover stated that it had “permanently deactivated” the sitter from their platform and that it would “continue to investigate.”

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Susan Nilson began her career with Reuters in London, England, and has over 15 years’ editorial experience in print and digital publications across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. She is currently managing editor of BARKS from the Guild. She is also a companion animal behavior consultant and trainer (Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) and an accredited professional canine behavior consultant (Pet Professional Accreditation Board).

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